This report provides a breakdown of all of the payments by deposit made (as determined using the Make Deposits feature in Control).

Information Structure

The report shows, in logical hierarchy, information from the following different sources and the table the information is contained within:

  • The Deposit's Journal Entry (Journal)
    • The Payment (Payment)
      • The Payment Method (PaymentAccount)
      • The Payment GL Account (GLAccount)
      • The Payment's Journal (Journal)
        • The Order (TransHeader)
        • The Customer (Account)
        • The Employee (Employee)
    • The GL (GL)
    • The Division (EmployeeGroup)

Tables Accessed

~ Purpose ~ Table ~ Linkage Information ~ Filter Information
Make Deposit Entry Journal as Deposit Deposit.CompletedDateTime in {?ReportDateRange}
Payment Payment Left Join Payment.DepositJournalID Deposit.ID
Payment Journal Journal Left Join Journal.ID Payment.ID Journal.IsSummary 0
Payment Method PaymentAccount Left Join PaymentAccount.ID Payment.PaymentAccountID
Payment GL Account GLAccount as PaymentGLAccount Left Join PaymentGLAccount.ID Payment.BankAccountID
Order TransHeader Left Join TransHeader.ID Journal.TransactionID
Company Account Left Join Account.ID Journal.AccountID
Employee Employee Left Join Employee.ID Journal.EmployeID
Division EmployeeGroup Left Join Deposit.DivisionID EmployeeGroup.ID ?Division_DivisionID -1 or ?Division_DivisionID Deposit.DivisionID

Parameter and Filter Options
The following options need to be implemented to filter the data and/or provide information to reconfigure the report display:
||~ Description ||~ Parameter Name ||~ Data Type ||~ Default ||~ Data Filter ||~ Notes ||

Date Range ?ReportDate DateTime Range 1/1/2011 - 2/1/2011 Journal.CompletedDateTime between ?ReportDate
Filter by Division ?Division_DivisionID Integer -1 ?Division_DivisionID -1 or Ledger.DivisionID ?Division_DivisionID Use -1 for All
Show Payment Details ?ShowPaymentDetails Boolean False Suppress Details

Display and Group Fields
The filters selected must be displayed at the top of the report.
Group Header #1
||~ Category ||~ Item ||~ Field ||~ Notes ||

Group Header #1 Division Name Division: Division.DivisionName
Group Header #2 Deposit Date Deposit.CompletedDateTime
Deposit ID Deposit.ID
Deposit Amount Deposit.SummaryAmount
Detail Payment Date Deposit.CompletedDateTime
Payment Method PaymentAccount.AccountName
Payment GL Account PaymentGLAccount.AccountName
Payment Amount Deposit.SummaryAmount
Company Account.CompanyName
Order Number TransHeader.OrderNumber
Order Description TransHeader.Description
Group Footer #2 Deposit Amount Deposit.SummaryAmount Shown in bold red letters if Sum(Payment Amount) Deposit Amount, otherwise suppressed.
Payment Total Sum(Payment Amount)
Group Footer #1 Total Sum(Deposit Amount)

Group By
The following group by options should be supported:
||~ Description ||~ Level ||~ Optional ||~ Group ID field ||~ Group Display Field ||~ Notes ||

Division 1 No Deposit.DivisionID EmployeeGroup.DivisionName
Deposit ID 2 No Deposit.ID Deposit.ID

Sort Options
The result set is always be sorted by these fields:
||~ Description ||~ Sort Text ||~ Level ||~ Optional ||~ Notes ||

Division EmployeeGroup.DivisionName 1 No
Deposit ID Deposit.ID 2 No

There are no user defined sort options in this report.


The report data should export into clean comma-delimited/Excel data.