This report provides the GL information for an particular Order, Customer, Activity Type, GL Account, or time-period. This information is provided in

Information Structure

The report shows, in logical hierarchy, information from the following different sources and the table the information is contained within:

  • The GL Entries (Ledger).
    • The GL Account (GLAccount)
    • The Order (TransHeader)
    • The Customer (Account)
    • The Activity (Journal)
    • The Division (EmployeeGroup)

Tables Accessed

~ Purpose ~ Table ~ Linkage Information ~ Filter Information
GL Entries Ledger Ledger.OnBalanceSheet 1 or ?ShowOffBalanceSheet 1
GL Account GLAccount Left Join Ledger.GLAccountID GLAccount.ID ?GLAccount_GLAccountID -1 or GLAccount.ID ?GLAccount_GLAccountID
Order TransHeader Left Join Ledger.TransactionID TransHeader.ID ?Order_OrderID -1 or TransHeader.ID ?Order_OrderID
Customer Account Left Join Ledger.AccountID Account.ID ?Customer_CustomerID -1 or AccountID.ID ?Customer_CustomerID
Activity Journal Left Join Ledger.JournalID Journal.ID ?ActivityTypeText in (“”, “All”) or Journal.ActivityTypeText ?ActivityType
Division EmployeeGroup Left Join Ledger.DivisionID EmployeeGroup.ID ?Division_DivisionID -1 or ?Division_DivisionID Ledger.DivisionID

Important Display Fields
The filters selected must be displayed at the top of the report.
* Division: Division.DivisionName
* Company: Account.CompanyName
* Order Number: TransHeader.OrderNumber
* GL Account: GLAccount.AccountName
* Showing Off
If the filter is not applied, suppress that section.
Summary Fields
||~ Item ||~ Field ||~ Notes ||

GL Account GLAccount.AccountName *Required Grouping Field
Total Sum(Ledger.Amount) not displayed directly
Debit Total is displayed in the Debit column if Total > 0
Credit -(Total) is displayed in the Credit Column if Total < 0
On B/S Ledger.OnBalanceSheet *Required Grouping Field
If OnBalanceSheet True, Display “” else Display “No”

Detail Fields
The detail rows are suppressed if the ?ShowSummaryOnly parameter is set to true (1). Ideally, even when suppressed, this information would be exposed on drill down.
||~ Item ||~ Field ||~ Notes ||

Entry Date Ledger.EntryDateTime
Order TransHeader.OrderNumber
Company Account.CompanyName
Activity Type Journal.ActivityTypeText
GL Account GLAccount.AccountName
Debit Ledger.Amount Suppressed if Ledger.Amount > 0
Credit -Ledger.Amount Supppressed if Ledger.Amount 0
Net Credit -Sum(Ledger.Amount)