The report is used for printing Historical Accounts Receivable reports. It is similar in look to the A/R Detail report, but the source of the A/Rs is the G/L records rather than the orders (since the orders may have changed). It also does not break the A/Rs into their corresponding Ages.

Information Structure

The report shows, in logical hierarchy, information from the following different sources and the table the information is contained within:

  • GL
    • Order (TransHeader)
      • Company (TransHeader)
        • A/P Contact Information (AccountContact)
        • Payment Terms (PaymentTerms)
      • Order Salesperson (Employee)
      • Order Division (EmployeeGroup)

Note that, unlike the A/R summary, the Contact Information displayed here is the Company's contact information and not the contact information for the particular order.

Tables Accessed

~ Purpose ~ Table ~ Linkage Information ~ Filter Information
GL Level GL Where GLAccountID 14
Order Level TransHeader Left Join GL.TransactionID TransHeader.ID TransHeader.StatusID 3
Company Info Account Left Join Account.ID TransHeader.AccountID 1)
Payment Terms PaymentTerms Left Join PaymentTerms.ID Account.PaymentTermsID
Contact Info AccountContact Left Join AccountContact.ID Account.AccountingContactID
Salesperson Employee Left Join Employee.ID TransHeader.Salesperson1ID {?Salesperson_EmployeeID} -1 or {?Salesperson_EmployeeID} TransHeader.SalespersonID
Division EmployeeGroup Left Join EmployeeGroup.ID TransHeader.DivisionID {?Division_DivisionID} -1 or {?Division_DivisionID} TransHeader.DivisionID

Parameters and Filter Options
The following options need to be implemented to filter the data and/or provide information to reconfigure the report display.
||~ Description ||~ Parameter Name ||~ Type ||~ Default ||~ Data Filter ||~ Notes ||

Report Date ?ReportDate_DateTime DateTime Today() where GL.EntryDateTime > Salesperson: Jim Smith
» Division: North Plant
» Company: Smith Refineries
If the filter is set to -1, do not show the filter line in the header.
Display and Group Fields
Group Header #1
~ Category ~ Item ~ Field ~ Notes
Group Header #1 Division Name Division: Division.DivisionName
Group Header #2 Company Account.CompanyName
A/P Contact AccountContact.FirstName + “ ” + AccountContact.LastName
Credit Balance Account.CreditBalance
Phone AccountContact.PrimaryNumber
Payment Terms PaymentTerms.TermsName
Detail Order Number TransHeader.OrderNumber
Sale Date TransHeader.SaleDate display in short date format (no time)
Age Date() - cast(TransHeader.SaleDate as Date) number of days since Sale
Description TransHeader.Description
Current Order Total TransHeader.TotalPrice
?ReportDate Balance Due

?Account_AccountID -1) or (?Account_AccountID TransHeader.AccountID